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Chiropractic Services in Clinton, IA

Are you dealing with headaches, lower back pain, or neck pain? At Burkert Chiropractic Center, we can help!


Headaches come in several forms and are very different for each individual. For some people, they feel tension up the back of their head, tightness at their temples, dull or throbbing pain behind the eyes or neck pain that tends to travel into the head. Each person also experiences their pain differently, for example some feel a dull, ache while others feel a sharp, throbbing pain. Others have what one might call a migraine that may or may not include an aura (a noise, a visual cue, or even a smell) that tells them a migraine is well on its way. There are individuals who have triggers which may be a type of food, emotional stress or just plain stress. However you experience a headache, think of us as your first stop to help relieve UR pain. We have taken extra training which has better prepared us to help eliminate UR pain!!

We had a 12 year old patient who had headaches daily. This patient went to a medical physician who referred to a neurologist, who ordered a MRI (which was normal), so the patient was put on prescription pain medication. The patient was taking the prescription daily. After one adjustment, the patient hasn’t had to take any pain medication since.

A patient entered our office with a complaint of a headache, which was unusual. The patient described the pain as stabbing, rated the pain as an 8 out 10, and was taking medication regularly for the past couple of days. After 3 adjustments and working on releasing muscle tension in the upper back, the stabbing pain was gone and the patient’s pain reduced to a 1 out of 10.

Neck Pain

In today’s society, we spend much of our time sitting, looking at a computer or in a class room. We find ourselves rounding our shoulders and “hunching” over. This can and does lead to neck and upper back pain. We can help you get UR neck in shape and help you reduce UR “buffalo hump” or, better yet, help you prevent it from starting in the first place. When you have neck pain think of us because not only do we have UR back, we have UR neck.

We had a patient who had neck pain who rated the pain as an 8 out 10 NPS and called it a nagging pain that was constant. After one adjustment and some NIMMO (trigger point) work, his pain was gone and has not returned in over two years.

We had a patient with the complaint of neck pain when bending the head to the right. This patient had never had the neck adjusted. This patient believed that sleeping wrong was the culprit of the pain. When a couple days of pain had passed, a neck adjustment was worth a try to relieve the pain, as nothing else was working. After just 1 adjustment, the patient had regained range of motion that the patient had thought was lost forever. To this day, this patient is preaching the wonders of Chiropractic!!

Low Back Pain (LBP)

There are several reasons for low back pain, sitting for too long, lifting improperly, or twisting motions seem to be the major culprit for most people. The “Gold Standard” for low back issues such as possible disc syndrome (herniated disc), stenosis or just pain is Lumbar Flexion Distraction.  At BCC we lead the way to better health by using the “Gold Standard” technique of Lumbar Flexion Distraction (LFD) to help you experience relief of UR low back pain so that you can get back to doing the things that you find enrich UR life!

We had a patient who was a Marine who loved to run, but the patient’s low back pain was so bad that running had been out of the workout schedule for over five months. The patient had a MRI and was diagnosed with a prolapsed disc. After six treatments of Lumbar, Flexion, and Distraction (LFD), the patient had 100% pain reduction. After nine treatments of LFD, the patient could run three miles in two consecutive days for the first time in five months.

A patient entered our clinic with chronic lower back pain. This patient had had low back surgery about 13 years ago to try to help relieve the pain. The patient rated the pain as a 9 out of 10. After the first adjustment most of the range of motion had returned. However, the patient still felt some tenderness, so we recommended that the patient begin using a TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) unit along with ice to reduce inflammation. The patient came in for the second adjustment and the pain reduced to a 5 out of 10. After the fifth adjustment, the pain reduced by 90%. By the sixth visit, the patient was no longer using a TENS unit and the range of motion was pain free. The patient states, that they wished they would have tried Chiropractic first instead of surgery.

Muscle Aches / Pain

Well, of course we are continuing Dr. Burkert’s tradition of using the back massager on our patients and we have kicked it up a notch! We also provide trigger point work, manual therapy, and myofacial release. However, what if you have carpal tunnel, scar tissue (from a previous injury or surgery), plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis), golfers elbow (medial epicondylitis), or even bursitis?? Then we may be able to help relieve UR pain with instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization. We have specialized tools that help us locate scar tissue and adhesions within the muscle or soft tissue. After which, we break up the scar tissue or adhesions. This increases the blood flow which brings more nutrients to the area and removes the excess waste. This process allows the body to heal the damaged tissue properly.

We had a patient who had knee surgery 14 years ago. The patient was unable to completely straighten the right knee and was unable to climb stairs normally. After five treatments, the patient was able to completely straighten the right knee and able to climb stairs normally.

The patient came into the office with tingling sensation in the hands and forearms while driving. Through a series of release techniques such as nerve flossing, working trigger points in the forearms, neck adjustments and a home stretching routine, the patient was able to drive again tingle free!!


Also known as:

  • EMS
  • TENS
  • Interferential (IF)
  • Microcurrent
  • Cold Laser

Palmer Alumni Advantage

Here at BCC we know the importance of having your body to be properly aligned. With the rising costs of health care premiums and deductibles, patients tend to put their health care needs on the back burner. Let us help you with an affordable plan that will help you AND your entire family!!

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We are a provider for: BC/BS, United Health Care, Aetna, Medicare, IA Medicaid, Amerigroup, Amerihealth, and United Health Care Community Plan. We accept all other insurances.